D’artagnan and three Musketeers / D`Artanyan i tri mushketera (1979) IMDb: 8.20(1 040) Full Movie Download

original title: D’artagnan and three Musketeers / D`Artanyan i tri mushketera
rating: IMDb: 8.20(1 040)
The USSR, dir. Georgij Yungvald-Khilkevich
musical, adventure, history
Mikhail Boyarsky, Benjamin Laughters, …
running time: 250 minutes
release date: 1979


The four friends-Musketeers save the Queen of France, enter into combat with the powerful cardinal Richelieu and insidious my Lady, and most importantly – enjoy life.

Review: One for all and all for one! I believe that this is the most successful film adaptation of the novel by Dumas. Earlier not able to watch the movie fully, but recently all the same happened. And you know, I fell in love with him.
Firstly, of course, the novel is a masterpiece, this debate is impossible.
Secondly, a great game of actors, which is fascinating and does not allow to break away from the screens (especially Athos and Aramis).
Thirdly, the songs are gorgeous, very beautiful (especially at the end of the second series of ‘When your friend in the blood’)
I advise everyone to see.
10 out of 10
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